Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm a naturally outgoing person so I thought networking events would be a piece of cake.

I was wrong.

This is an art form that I need to learn. I have no problem walking up to someone and saying, "Hi! I'm Kelly".. it's what comes after that is lost on me. What do you talk about? How long do you talk about it? How personal should you get? At what point do I mention that I'm looking for a job-- or do I mention it at all?

I have so much to learn. Since I'm researching the topic, I decided to create some awesome business cards. I wanted something different because..well, I'm different. I wanted something visually interesting, something that the recipient would remember. Even though I break out in song now and then, I don't think that's enough to spark any recollection. They'd just be like, "oh.. that's the crazy girl that sings.."

Previously, I had created business cards through a vendor but I wasn't all that impressed. The cards were flimsy and quite boring. Since I'm neither flimsy or boring, the cards weren't really workin' for me. I checked a few different sites and ended up choosing a black and white design from I'm really excited to get these puppies since the reviews were so fabulous!

So, now I'm off to gather up a date or two for my upcoming events. Here's hoping I can make some connections!

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