Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've put up a linkedin profile to reach out into the world's networks and make friends. I'm particularly interested in joining groups that will facilitate my transition to events planning. I would LOVE to work with the Log Cabin/Delaney House.. I think I could make a great impact with them and all my sparky energy. I love that they do these wicked fun social events and opened themselves up to a new market and demographic. Such a smart business.

If there's any one thing that I'm good at it's planning events. I LOVE this. I get this rush like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday, I was driving to a study group and the ideas just started buzzing. I had to park my car and make notes before they all fizzled away. When I got home, I started to list out fundraising event ideas for my Rays of Hope team. The goal? To raise money of epic proportions in memory of someone who's touched so many lives. Sponsorships, raffles, networking events, parties.. It was nuts. I started emailing my network and scoping out vendors. Such a rush.

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  1. I have a linked in profile too if you would like connect :)