Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm a naturally outgoing person so I thought networking events would be a piece of cake.

I was wrong.

This is an art form that I need to learn. I have no problem walking up to someone and saying, "Hi! I'm Kelly".. it's what comes after that is lost on me. What do you talk about? How long do you talk about it? How personal should you get? At what point do I mention that I'm looking for a job-- or do I mention it at all?

I have so much to learn. Since I'm researching the topic, I decided to create some awesome business cards. I wanted something different because..well, I'm different. I wanted something visually interesting, something that the recipient would remember. Even though I break out in song now and then, I don't think that's enough to spark any recollection. They'd just be like, "oh.. that's the crazy girl that sings.."

Previously, I had created business cards through a vendor but I wasn't all that impressed. The cards were flimsy and quite boring. Since I'm neither flimsy or boring, the cards weren't really workin' for me. I checked a few different sites and ended up choosing a black and white design from I'm really excited to get these puppies since the reviews were so fabulous!

So, now I'm off to gather up a date or two for my upcoming events. Here's hoping I can make some connections!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've put up a linkedin profile to reach out into the world's networks and make friends. I'm particularly interested in joining groups that will facilitate my transition to events planning. I would LOVE to work with the Log Cabin/Delaney House.. I think I could make a great impact with them and all my sparky energy. I love that they do these wicked fun social events and opened themselves up to a new market and demographic. Such a smart business.

If there's any one thing that I'm good at it's planning events. I LOVE this. I get this rush like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday, I was driving to a study group and the ideas just started buzzing. I had to park my car and make notes before they all fizzled away. When I got home, I started to list out fundraising event ideas for my Rays of Hope team. The goal? To raise money of epic proportions in memory of someone who's touched so many lives. Sponsorships, raffles, networking events, parties.. It was nuts. I started emailing my network and scoping out vendors. Such a rush.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspiring People

Sometimes, you meet people that make your whole world sparkle. These are my sparkly people.

Angela Lussier Fabulousness personified. Inspiring speaker. Creative thinker. You'll love her.

Nancy Marek Nature lover. Brilliant mind. I love her handwriting, too.

Liz Woods Amazing heart and soul. Among the most fair and open minded people I know.

The Entire Campus of Bay Path College Im an adult student here in their Saturday One-Day program. It has changed my life in such amazing ways.

Harmony Niedzwiecki Entreprenuer and uber crafty. I love her humor and her patience.

To Follow up.. Or not to follow up?

I've found some conflicting opinions on whether or not applicants should follow up with prospective employers after they've submitted their resume and job application. Some emphatically say "YES!" and state that this action will make your resume stand out and get noticed. Others disagree and liken this behavior to harrassment. With such stark variances in opinions, I'm scavenging the internet for a clear answer.

The best I've come up with is that .. it just simply depends on the situation.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ahh.. my first post on a brand new, fresh blog. This is kinda like writing notes in a nice, clean new notebook.. except I can't make any doodles in the sidebar.

I've been in the market for my next great adventure for a while now (omg, has it been that long?) and I had quite a few stumbles along the way. I kept applying for the same type of jobs I'd had the past.. ones that didn't make me or anyone else very happy. Recently, however, I met some pretty amazing people that helped me have one of those moments.. you know the moment. The one where you smack yourself in the head for not seeing the glaringly obvious answer in front of you. Like the time I ran around the house frantically searching for my keys only to eventually find them literally sitting but this moment was even bigger than that. (Note to potential employers: my keys now have a "home" on a key hook by the door.)

I may not know exactly where I want to work but I know what I want out of my next job. I want to contribute. I want to help people. I want to work with people and do creative things. I want to be able participate in brainstorming sessions, solve complex issues and contribute to the community. Serious fun for me is event planning- I love to plan, organize and execute morale boosting events in the workplace, for my family and within the community. I love to plan fundraising events- ones that benefit the Rays of Hope foundation, in particular.

My personality is one of a strong leader. I'm ambitious and have a boatload of ideas buzzing around here. I have notebooks full of ideas I'd love to see come to fruition. I have a passion for education and consider myself to be a perpetual student- not only in higher education but in life as well. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something new and to change the way I live.

I'll be posting the progress of my search for my next great adventure in the next few posts. When I come across any handy-dandy tips or meet more fascinating people, I'll publish linkys to them as well.